Business Strategies

We plan to implement the following strategies to strengthen our leadership position:

  1. Taking service innovation as the main development path of the Company, so as to avoid homogeneous competition caused by a minimizing and single development model.
  2. Reasonable planning of production capacity. We insists that the development of hardware production capacity must not only meet the business growth needs of the Company, but also match the development pace of human resources, so as to avoid the low-profit operation mode of “orders are restricted by production capacity and growth serves production capacity”; meanwhile, it moderately develops overseas hardware production capacity, to serve specific requirements from customers in special markets.
  3. Keeping the balanced development in domestic and overseas markets, and actively deploying overseas technical centers, engineering centers and service centers to provide diversified products and support services covering the entire life cycle of products for the global development of multinational companies.
  4. Operating in multiple sectors, focusing on popular sectors, taking the pursuit of best return as the basis for resource allocation, and avoiding the dependence on a single sector, single market, and a small number of customers; making use of the investment cycle gaps of different sectors and different industries to complete talent, technology and capacity reserve.

Taking innovation as the growth engine, talents as the cornerstone of operation and value as the product orientation, and a global vision for development, we will continue to create value for customers and downstream industries, protect the interests of Shareholders, and firmly fulfill its social responsibilities.