Competitive Strengths

We believe our success and potential and future growth are attributable to the following competitive strengths:

  1. The advanced craftsmanship we inherited from our Japanese controlling shareholder, coupled with China’s overall strength in manufacturing industry, solidified the foundation for our business development.
  2. We have a strong market position in the PRC: According to F&S Report, we were the fourth largest pressure equipment manufacturer and provider of integrated pressure equipment solutions in the PRC with a market share of approximately 1.5% and the largest non-state owned pressure equipment manufacturer and provider of integrated pressure equipment solutions in the PRC, both in terms of sales revenue in 2019. For each of the traditional pressure equipment segment and modular pressure equipment segment, we were the fifth and eighth largest manufacturer in the PRC with market share of approximately 1.2% and 1.9%, respectively, in terms of sales revenue in 2019.
  3. Our internationalisation business strategy enables us to expand our customer base worldwide: We have established subsidiary companies in Sweden, the United States, India and Japan to better serve the global customer base of more than 45 countries in Asia, North America and Europe;
  4. Our expertise in diversified downstream industries enables us to serve multi-industries:with the high quality and adaptability of our products, together with our strong design and service capabilities, our products are widely applied ,primarily including chemical, pharmaceutical, personal care chemical, mining and metallurgical, oil and gas and electronic chemical industries.
  5. We possess strong research and development capabilities: We have an in-house research and development team, which enables us to introduce new and high quality products to suit our customers’ preferences. We have our own research and development centres located in our production bases in Shanghai and Nantong.To further enhance our R & D capability by working with relevant renowned universities.
  6. Our management team has extensive industry knowledge and experience: our management team, with an average of over 22 years’ experience, is able to identify and pursue market opportunities, and formulate and implement development strategies effectively.